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Something for Everyone

- Altar Ministry 

    Pastor Marty Morelli

    1-on-1 Prayer with new or

    rededicated believers

- Bereavement Ministry 

    Peggy Icker 

    Provides meals immediately

    following a funeral/memorial

    service of a loved one 

- Bus Ministry 

    Pastor Mark 

    Taking a bus and vans into

    the community and bringing

    people into the church that

    may not have otherwise

    been able to make it 

- Compassion Ministry 

    Harriet Brown (Minister of Heart)

    Contact Shut-Ins, those

    recently released from the

    hospital, etc. to give needed


- Deaf Ministry 

    Linda Kimes 

    Interpretation of the Good

    News of Jesus to the deaf

    and hearing impaired 

- Greeters

    Nancy Lipps 

    First contact people have

    with LIFE Church. Greet each

    person at the door with a

    smile and a handshake 

- House of Hope 

    Everett Bass 

    Provide food for those in

    need in our community on

    Tues. & Thurs. from 10-12

- Jail Ministry 

    Ken Jayne 

    Distibute Christian books, mentor

    inmates, participate in Fri.

    services at the Lake County Jail

- Joseph Storehouse 

    Church Office

    Benevolence to those in our


- Library 

    Doris High

    Offers informative non-

    fiction and fiction media

    materials for all ages at NO


- Men’s Ministry 

    Bill Bibler 

    Develop a Christian bond

    among the men of LIFE

    Church (Meets 2nd Saturday

    at 8am) 

- Nursery Ministry 

    Christie Anne LoGiudice

    Loving care for children

    under 3 years old for all



- Nursing Home Ministry 

    Pastor Marty Morelli

    Ministers through song and

    prayer with residents of

    local nursing homes every 3rd

    Thursday of the month 

- Pre School 

    Mel Woodard 

    Ministering to children ages

    3-5 through music, stories,

    prayer, and loving care

- Outreach Evangelism 

    Steve Bostwick 

    Reaching our community for


- Sewing for Missions 

    Doris High 

    Making clothing for under

    privileged children

- Special Event Team 

    Kim Thomas 

    Oversees the preparation and

    organization of all church-wide


- Sunday School 

    Kathy Bass

    Meets every Sunday morning

    at 9AM to learn God’s word

    and to grow spiritually

    (All Ages) 

- Truck Stop Ministry 

    Gary Hurst 

    A team of chaplains that

    bring the gospel of Jesus to

    the 18-wheeler truck drivers

    of America 

- Ushers 

    John Mitchell 

    Take up the offering and be the

    gate-keepers of LIFE Church

- Women’s Alive Ministry 

    Donna Brooker 

    To reach, disciple, build up,

    & train women to abundantly

    live in victory everyday by

    the transforming power of

    Jesus Christ 

- Women’s Prayer 

    Marian Davenport 

    Meet for intercessory prayer on

    Wednesdays from 1:00 to 3:00     


LIFE Church Logo and Name

4001 Picciola Road, Fruitland Park, Florida 34731

Phone: 352-787-7962