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The last article spoke of "Why sit here until we die?" Today, as we speak of getting out of the boat, I want to look at a different question, "Why sit here until they die?" Maybe you have been looking for a practical way of getting out of the boat and have just needed a little push. As a pastor I love when the laity of the church hear the Word of God and are willing to respond in a positive way. Such a person is our Men’s Ministry Director, Dick Tanner. He told me how God had been dealing with him about getting out of the boat to witness in his neighborhood. Through that this plan was birthed.

We are looking for Life Church folks who are willing to get out of their boats and help us to reach our Jerusalem...Fruitland Park. Here’s the plan, we strategically go from house to house in Fruitland Park inviting families to come to our church. This will be done on a Saturday or Sunday for a couple of hours until the mission is accomplished. Those drawn to this ministry can choose which day is more workable for them. What do we do when we go to these doors and people re- spond? We invite them to Life Church letting them know that we are multi-generational...we have something for the whole family.

Along with the invitation we offer to them a Bible (The Word of God) which we can sign for them in the front if they need to look us up when they come. Either a book marker or card can also be put in the Bible giving our service times, instructions about where to begin their reading, and the ministries available. Right now the best price we have for Bibles (Old and New Testament) is $1.35 which is a small investment in reaching our community. Bro. Tanner calls this "Bucks for Bibles" if you want to help. He is thinking we need ten team captains who will oversee
ten people who will be hitting the streets. Can you imagine one hundred Life
Church evangelists out sweeping our community for Christ? This is not an
open ended ministry...when we reach Fruitland Park we will be done...unless
Jesus says keep going! Come on...Get out of the boat!!!!

Living in Freedom Everyday,

Pastor Rick and Tricia

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